What happens if you think we've got it wrong


If you’re not happy about our support and you want to let us know, this is what we'll do to deal with your concerns:

When you write to us, we'll get back to you within five working days

We’ll normally give you a full response within 28 working days, but if we can’t, we'll let you know when we’ll be able to give you a full response. 



      We assure you that we will

  • Respond to concerns considerately, as quickly and effectively as we can

  • Take all comments and complaints seriously

  • Tell you what’s happening with your complaint and do everything we can to help

  • Do our best to treat the information you give us in confidence

  • Explain the decision taken about your complaint

  • Consider all complaints received to continually review and improve our support within our quality assurance system.

Respecting Our Residents


Our staff are trained to maximise each client(s) privacy and  dignity in the  course of their work.

These includes but not limited to:

·         Always knocking before entering a clients home.

·         Always addressing client(s) by their title or their preferred name.

·         Always treating client(s) as individuals.



Source Complex Home Care  Staff understand that the right to dignity involves recognising the inherent value(s)of the client by respecting their unique qualities as individuals and the specific nature of each client(s) needs. We will take care to safeguard our residents’ dignity at all times.

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