Our values

We treat our clients with integrity, honesty, and provide a safe |  effective |  responsive |  caring and   well-led care.


At Souce Complex Home Care, we pride ourselves in  providing home care that is centred around  the client.

This is built around the needs and choices of each client and involves the clients or their relatives from the outset, as part of this process, we hold the following values:

  • We highly hold our reputation as a quality  home care provider and employer .

  • We provide professional and trustworthy home care to our clients at all times.

  • We will work constantly within the current guidelines and regulations and will continually develop our business to improve upon our standards..

  • We will take time to fully understand our clients and their needs in order to meet their needs.

  • We will work closely with the families , NHS, Social Services and other bodies where appropriate. We will work collaboratively with all in the interest of our clients.

  • We will promote choice and independence amongst our client(s) by working in a person-centred way.

  • We will support our clients in their integration into the local community enabling them to live their life's the way they choose to.

  • We will treat every individual within our organisation with dignity, fairness and respect and look to develop talent to manage our business as it grows.

  • We have a social responsibility to our environment and proactively look for ways to lower our carbon footprint and recycle all materials in the appropriate manner.





Source Complex Home Care believes that the right to confidentiality is a key principle to health and social care and should be respected at all times.

Our staff are trained and expected to refrain from voluntary disclosure of any information, learned directly or indirectly, about our residents

                                                                                            Civil Rights

Source Complex Home Care will take all necessary action to ensure that our Client(s) maintain all of the benefits to which they are entitled to by citizenship.

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